Commercial Waterproofing

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Commercial Waterproofing
Commercial Waterproofing
Commercial Waterproofing

Membrane and Bentonite Waterproofing

Chapman Waterproofing Company's core business includes the professional application of waterproofing membranes and bentonite materials to a wide-variety of concrete surfaces. Partnered with such noted product manufacturers as; Carlisle, Cetco, Henry, American Hydrotech, Liquid Boot, Sarnafil, Tremco, W.R. Grace, and many, many others, Chapman Waterproofing Company is, without a doubt, the first choice, industry leader in waterproofing membrane applications throughout New England.

Above Grade Air/Vapor Barriers and Thru-Wall Flashing

Air barrier technology has evolved greatly over the years, and Chapman Waterproofing Company has evolved with it to provide quality installations of this demand service. A charter member of the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA), Chapman Waterproofing's skilled technicians are fully trained, certified, and experienced in the ABAA Building Science Technologies. Sheet membranes, liquid applied coatings, polyurethane foams, as well as prefabricated metal or custom thru-wall flashing systems are applied to wall cavities or building openings to provide complete air/vapor barrier protection for new structures.

Polyurea Coatings

Faced with the growing demand to provide reliable waterproofing for immersed and submerged structures, Chapman Waterproofing was the first to develop and employ state of the art spray application processes for polyurea and heat applied waterproofing systems. Our in-house developed technology was instrumental in the successful waterproofing of such notable engineering feats as Boston's Ted Williams Tunnel, The Central/Artery I-93 Tunnel, and the soon to be completed Silver Line Immersed Tube Electric Bus Tunnel. Our fleet of mobile, self-contained spray application trailers stand ready to handle any specialty spray application or immersed structure coating project, virtually anywhere in the country.

Bridge and Civil Waterproofing

Subpavement waterproofing for bridges and roadway structures are highly specialized applications requiring experience and know-how. Chapman Waterproofing has been a leader in this unique market for many years, providing quality bridge and deck coatings for a wide-range of civil applications. We can mobilize for any size or scope heavy and highway project; employing both traditional emulsion and sheet systems, or more specialized spray applications such as the Eliminator® products by Sterling Lloyd.

Elastomeric Wall Coatings

Project demands often dictate the use of elastomeric wall coatings to restore and weatherproof exterior building surfaces and to add aesthetic value. Chapman Waterproofing has extensive experience in this process and performs these services in conjunction with quality product manufacturers such as ChemRex, Dow Corning, Prosoco, Sika, and others.

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